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    Pass The Party - Erin, Cathy & Lori


    Pass The Party was a labour of love from the start. We are a Mother, Daughter and Daughter-in-law team who wanted to party, and we wanted to do it together! We love event styling and creating beautiful parties with stunning themed decorations. We are (from left in the photo above) Erin, Cathy and Lori. 

    Cathy; living on an 150 acre farm in North Canterbury, working part time in Christchurch and having owned two successful businesses, wanted more.

    Erin; working in real estate, having recently purchased her first home and now newly engaged, wanted more.

    Lori; a full-time mum of two boys aged 4 and 6, living the country life on 25 acres in Canterbury, wanted something more.

    Utilising Cathys love of crafting and her business savvy, Lori's ideas and outgoing personality and Erins organisation and love of all things pretty, we set out to discover our passion.

    What did we love? What were we good at? What fits in with our busy lives? What is our LOVE job? The answer to all these questions was......PARTY!

    Combining our love of decor, wine, partying and family, Pass the Party was born. We want to make hosting the perfect party accessible, affordable and easy for our clientele. When you hire one of our party packages you get one-of-a-kind, elaborate, quality decor for your next event. You arent left with items to store, (or worse, throw away!), and you get to experience the magic for a fraction of the cost of purchasing everything.

    This is our passion and we cant wait to help you celebrate with all the bells and whistles!

    With love and fun, The Morrisons x