Murder Mystery


Our murder mystery packs are handcrafted in house, and road tested by the Pass The Party crew. Each pack contains all the elements for your game, including suspect dossiers, evidence envelopes and name tags. Simply choose the format you'd like your pack to be delivered, and you're on your way to solving the case!

Then just gather the usual suspects for a night of intrigue, and watch the accusations fly! 

Murder Manor

Welcome to Billington Manor. You’ve arrived on a rather special night. Multi-millionaire Arthur Billington is turning 70, and he’s invited you, his family, to the Manor to celebrate with him this weekend. If he survives the night, that is...

Murder Manor is a murder mystery game for 6 players or more. The format of the game is three rounds of discussion, interrogation and accusation. Each suspect is supplied with a dossier which contains statements from their character. In each round the players discuss this information by interrogating the other suspects and revealing the details of their statement. Although you can’t always be sure that the statements provided are the whole truth, as the killer attempts to go undetected…

There is also a host script provided, which gives further instructions and details of developments in the case. One player can choose to play host and not play the role of a suspect, or one of the active players can also read the host script. For more than 6 players, form teams and have each team play a suspect.

They say blood is thicker than water, but we’ll see how far the trust runs in this family when you attempt to uncover a killer.

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A complete game pack is delivered to your door, containing what you need to host your murder mystery game:

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A pdf is emailed to you so that you can print the game yourself. The pdf includes all of the above (except the notebooks) in printable form, as well as simple to follow printing instructions.

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